Past Events

  2011 YAI Festival 2011
V enue: Gibraltar
Dates : Aug 10-13th , 2011
  2009 YAI executive Council meeting
Gibraltar and Madrid – Sept 2nd to 7th 09
Photos     Report
Damascus Vatican Premier.
Roma, 16th May at 18.00 hrs. Read
  2008 YAI Festival 2008 and WYD 2008
Brisbane and Sydney, Australia July 10 – 20, 2008
  2007 YAI Executive meeting Washington DC Oct 6, 2007
    YAI Leaders Meeting
Brazil Charismatic Renewal
    Executive Meeting
Brisbane & Sydney, Australia October 11-20, 2007
  2006 USA: YAI Leaders Meeting
5th–10th February 2006 New York or Washington DC
    YANA Leadership Meetings
USA-Los Angeles, Phoenix
    YAI Executive
October 2006 Brisbane and Sydney Australia
  2005 Youth Arise International Festival
Essen, Germany
11th – 14th August, 2005
  2004 YANA Leadership Meetings
(USA- Los Angeles, Phoenix)
  2003 Intercessory Trips to China
  2002 Youth Arise International followed by mission teams
Canada: Ottawa and Toronto (July)

World Youth Leaders Forum - Hong Kong

China: Project 2008 (November)

Intercessory Trips to China: Project 2008

YAI Leaders Forum (Lithuania)

YAI Summer Camp (Lithuania)
  2000 Youth Arise International Festival followed by mission teams, Turin and Rome

YAI Consultation on Eastern Europe (Poland)

YANA School of Evangelization
Phoenix, USA
  1999 Youth Arise Festival
Manila and in Cebu, Philippines

Youth Arise Asia/Oceania

Leaders Forum in Manila

Youth Arise India (December)

YAI Leaders Meeting
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

YAI Leaders Forum (Poland)

Youth Arise North America Schools of Evangelization,
Phoenix, USA
  1997 Europe Arise Festival and followed by mission teams Germany and Paris
  1995 Brescia: Europe Arise Festival
Followed by mission teams