The teams of volunteers and leaders would bring their community culture, Catholic piety and beliefs, and relationships to daily life and work at each selected service site to meet the human and spiritual needs of the afflicted.  In light of this, four strategic program areas have been identified in order of priority:

1)      Assistance to parties, families and singles, in their needs. CiVi  priority would include providing adequate housing facilities, formal education programs, and support, through micro financing, small initiatives, thus restoring  the dignity of the participants
2)      Support Services to International Catholic Aid Efforts: Part of the initial commitment to a selected host site is daily service to host aid operations, particularly the health, medical and nutrition needs of children and families.
3)      Integral Development Assistance:  The continued presence at an aid site would be characterized by the gifts and competence of the agency network in the areas of counseling, leading youth formation activities and prayer gatherings. Volunteer teams would represent numerous Youth Arise network members from various cultures and languages from several continents adding to their cultural witness.
4)      Restoration of Parish and Diocesan Apostolate to Youth and Families: Working with the local bishop, parishes and local volunteers to restore Catholic life, apostolate and liturgies for youth and families is an essential building block to an authentic Catholic aid effort.

* In Christ, Caritas in Veritate becomes the Face of his Person…...Indeed, he himself is the Truth (Jn 14:6)