CiVi Sponsoring Organization

Sponsoring Organization

The 45 Catholic movements and organizations that comprise the Youth Arise International network represent all primary participants in proposed agency activities as well as all continents. Examples of some of the larger and more longstanding participants include:

·        Catholic Christian Outreach CCO, an evangelization and leadership development movement for university students and young adults throughout Canada with 57 full time missionary staff and 150-200 student leaders and thousands of people involved.
·        Jesus Youth, a canonically recognized Catholic youth and student outreach active in 25 countries with 50,000 active members. Begun in India, 25 years later they are active in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Persian Gulf countries.
·        Catholic Diocese of Gibraltar Youth Movement, a 30 year evangelism and charity outreach of 400 youth serving Gibraltar and Spain.
·        NET (National Evangelization Teams), founded in Australia 22 years ago, forms and sponsors youth evangelization teams reaching 50,000 youth annually throughout Australia as well as New Zealand, New Guinea, Singapore and Uganda.
·        Comunidad Nueva Alianza, a youth and university student leadership formation and evangelism outreach to 25 cities in Mexico with 80 leaders serving 2,000 youth annually.
·        ACCSE (Association of  Catholic Charismatic Schools of Evangelization), an international network of  schools of leadership and mission in the New Evangelization promoted by Pope John Paul11, operating in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.
·        Saint Paul€™s Outreach: SPO,engages and equip young people to serve as missionaries to their peers on college campuses. It is a USA national movement
These organizations and many others in the network have been formally committed to sponsoring joint youth evangelization, formation and outreach events for the last 16 years ranging from regional and continental festivals to major contributions to World Youth Days. One can observe that a common attribute and charism of this network lies in the strategy to cultivate and form mature leaders who can then lead and form teams sent to bring the gospel to other parts of their countries or other continents.  These teams are characterized by a common way of life emphasizing Catholic prayer and worship, catechetical training, personal discipline and mutual support.