Identity of Arise International


                 Arise International is a relational based  international network of some 45 Catholic organizations, dedicated, through the grace of our own encounter with Christ , to raising a generation of Leaders to be apostles of Charity and Truth for the mission of the Church. Arise international:
  •      is a non profit organization 501 (c ) 3 in USA ; relates to various Pontifical dicasteries in the Vatican, such as Cor Unum, Council for Laity, Congregation of Faith and Propoganda Fidae. Its€™ leaders have met in person several times Pope John Paul 11 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 and 2009
  •       is a unique Catholic international network of organizations with young adults, present in all continents. It€™s vision goes beyond that of a single organization. With respect to the Gospel of Life and to the unique and individual charisms of all involved, a generation of leaders, man and women of God, committed husbands and wives, and parents, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are raised.(this is achieved  through seminars, international events, for a for leaders, discipleship, mentoring, university ministry, basic cell group structure, formation and mission experiences)
  •      is an expression of the spirituality of communion, where leaders from varying countries, cultures, movements and groups come together to be enriched through friendship ( the sharing of their lives), mentoring (the sharing of their experiences), and collaboration (the sharing in common work apostolate).This €œcommunion€ expresses itself in the €œmission€ of the Church.(At the threshold of the Third Millennium it is clear that the Church's ability to evangelize requires that she strive earnestly to serve the cause of unity in all its dimensions. Communion and mission go hand in hand.  Novo Millennio Ineunte 24 John Paul11;see also NMI 43 )
  •      runs the Caritas in Veritate International Catholic Agency: Its€™ vision is a transformed society where peace, freedom, social justice, and quality life exits. Its approach is to eradicate €˜extreme poverty€™, particularly among underprivileged, marginalized and abused children. It is based on the teaching and direction of Pope Benedict XVI, where Charity needs to be based on the Truth: who is not a concept, nor a philosophy but a Person, the Son of God: Jesus. The agency equips and sends workers from the Arise International network, and material aid to provide faith based charity and evangelization to the poor and to disaster stricken regions.
  •       engages with other experienced international aid organizations, who share our ethos and values, in bringing needed medical supplies and portable clinics to the people of Haiti. We view this as an initial response and a commitment to a permanent mission to the country which would channel aid and establish an apostolic presence where volunteers live and pray in community and service.
  •      offers leadership of vision through the Deus Caritas Est Academy, which trains young adults and mission volunteers for service through formation and mentoring especially in Catholic Social Doctrine, Pope Benedict XVI encyclicals as well as marriage and family life, evangelization and spiritual discernment. This augment their personal life and their professional skills as Catholic witnesses in their daily life and in the  mission of the Church
  •      encourages and equips University students to reach out to the €œleaders of tomorrow, today€ . The University Outreach, through the Newman centers, offer to students opportunities to engage with other students in weekly Catholic Bible study and discipleship groups, spiritual discernment programs and a  healthy Christian Community. It also offers to students opportunities for both local and €œAd Gentes€ missions.
  •      committed to the raising of the next generation of Catholic leaders and 100 million Christian by 2027 in China. Through a global effort, a spirit filled lay-community that was established in China in 2004, and a  multiplication process of schools of leadership development in 10 cities China in 10  in the coming  10years, 100million committed Catholic believes will be raised. This also incorporates the Bible for China project: a global collaborative effort in providing 20 million Bibles to Catholics in China by 2020.Arise International- China ministry Partnership for China, is committed to make Jesus known to  the leadership and to the upcoming generation of this huge and most influential nation.
  •      was internationally founded in Malta, Europe, in 1994, and in USA €“Arizona in the year 2000.